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Stratton Churchway Bowls Club - Disability Bowls Wiltshire

        Bowls is “A Sport for All” and can be played at any age, by any gender with or without disabilities and one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available.

In recent years the game has become far more accessible for bowlers of all ages & gender with physical, sensory or learning (Intellectual) disabilities. Not all disabled bowlers need to use a wheelchair, but for those that do, there are specially designed wheelchairs for lawn and indoor bowling greens to prevent damage to the greens. Many other bowling aids have been designed and are now available enabling greater participation in the sport at all levels.

Bowlers with a disability can compete with or against non-disabled bowlers in most situations and “the normal aging process” does not need to get in the way of the enjoyment and competition provided by the sport. Bowls Wiltshire would like to encourage all clubs to welcome and encourage greater participation of players with a disability and recently appointed a Disability Co-ordinator to work under the guidance of the Development Officer to help and advise clubs to become fully accessible.

Contact  Richard Ball (Bowls Wiltshire Disability Bowls Coordinator) 07561 544565

Nigel Morgan (Bowls Wiltshire Development Officer)  07913 720304

Bowls Wiltshire has partnered with Disability Bowls England (DBE) and clubs are encouraged to become DBE Member Clubs where they can seek help from their Development Officer, receive regular newsletters and information, as well as feature of the “Club Finder” tool that enables people and groups to search and find a suitable club to join.

DBE also offer players with a disability the opportunity to enter competitions against other disabled players. Players can also enjoy playing in friendly matches with other DBE members against local clubs.

DBE also provide a player pathway to progress from club bowls to Para International, Commonwealth Games and Disabled World Championships.

Information can be found at:


Development Officer for DBE South Region.

Or Email: