Stratton Churchway Bowls Club

Stratton Churchway Bowls Club - Club Notice Boards


Club Information (Positioned at end by main access door


Here you will find your committee members contact numbers should you need them.

You will find the committee meeting minutes for the current and previous month

New members application forms are displayed which is required

Joining fee information with any relevant offers at the time

Fire Instructions

Diary for Rink Bookings


Stratton Churchway folder (kept on table by diary)


We are aiming to keep any other useful information in a designated folder rather than have scraps of paper here and there.

At the moment,

It will contain our club constitution, any past season meeting minutes, WIFI code, internet



Social and events (Positioned by the bar)


The main board by the bar, this is now for social and events. This is where you will find out what is happening at the club whether it be a meeting or a bingo night anything that is happening of interest.


Competition board. (Positioned at end of skittle alley)


You will find all you need to know relating to our internal competitions.

In the winter months this notice board is used for skittles information.


Bonus Ball Board (opposite kitchen)

Winners listed and any space numbers


Main Passageway (Opposite toilets)


This will be used for Regulation information such as who is our Child Protection Officer

Members responsibilities

Etiquette on the green

During the winter months it will display external competitions information for the ladies and men.


Ladies and Gents changing rooms


For the benefit of any newer members this is where you will find the availability sheets to put your name down to be considered for selection.

You will also find the rules of the game S&D local rules and Bowls England rules

As mentioned previously this is where you will find external competitions information.


Glass cabinet outside


This is to only be used to display selection information as space is very limited.

It will display who has been selected for Men’s S&D fixtures, Wilts 3 and 4 rink fixtures plus the S&D ladies evening and afternoon fixtures plus any friendly fixtures.  If selected you are required to tick off your name if you can play or if you are unable to play you are responsible to tell your captain do not just cross your name out.