Stratton Churchway Bowls Club

It’s with great sadness that on Sunday 13th September 2020 our friend, long serving club member, ex-club president and club stalwart Dave Humphreys passed away.
Dave had been at the club for well over 40 years and had been instrumental in the club's survival in the late 1970’s when things were tough for the club. Through the following decades Dave gave his time and committed so much to the club, he was a key figure in the club launching the floodlight gala in the 1980’s which is still an annual success over 35 years later.  Dave held numerous officer roles at the club over the years, his most recent was club president which he stepped back from a few years ago. Dave was a great club member, a great player on the green in his day, a proud Welshman and a great friend to many of us and it’s a sad time.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

Stratton Churchway Bowls Club - Swindon STEP

On Saturday 21st July 2018 Stratton Bowls Club welcomed a group of young people with learning difficulties from the Swindon Ten to Eighteen Project (STEP).

The day was designed to provide young people an opportunity to participate in sport and assist with their development.

Those attending were provided with instructions on the game of Bowls by our coaches.  A number of fun activities were then played like skittle bowls before playing a number of ends.
The youngsters all had an enjoyable time and it’s the club’s intention to plan future visits.

STEP is a short term intervention programme where the aim is to build young people's skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to cope better and make a positive contribution to society For more information about STEP see

In addition, Jeanette Maisey, a visually impaired bowler from Wootton Bassett, who also represents Disability Bowls England was in attendance with her Director, Richard.  It was fascinating to watch Jeanette bowl to instructions from Richard who informed her how far she was away from the jack and where on a clock her bowl had landed (e.g. half past five).  She treated Iain Riach to a game and beat him whilst James Bryant had a go blindfolded - there is no truth in the rumour he was closer to the jack than normal with a blindfold on.  It was a lot more difficult than it sounds but Jeanette made it look easy which was a credit to both her and Richard.