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S&D Mens Triples Rule Update- The Ruling for One Player Short

22 Apr 2022

The Ruling for One Player Short  
( one player failing to arrive,  so please use this ruling to allow a game to be played )

(a) Should only two members of a triple be present at the start of the game in the Swindon & District Men’s Afternoon League, play shall commence with each of the 2 members of the team playing with four bowls each and their 3 opponents playing with three bowls each. 
(b) The team who has won the toss and decided to cast the jack or has won the previous end shall always place the mat and cast the jack (subject to the Laws of the Sport regarding miscast jacks) but the team with 3 players shall always bowl first and have the last bowl. 
(c) At the end of the game the team with only 2 players shall forfeit one quarter of their total score to the nearest whole number. 
(d) A third player may join the team with only 2 players prior to the commencement of the 4th end. Players may only join play at the commencement of an end and not at any point part way through an end.   Play shall then return to normal triples play and from then on, no shots will be forfeited. 

Format of play
Triple lead bowls first and alternates until his opponent from the pair has bowled three woods.
The Triple No 2 then bowls his first wood and then the Pair Lead bowls his fourth.
The Triple No 2 then bowls his second bowl.
The Pair Skip then bowls his first bowl.
Now the Triple No 2 bowls his third bowl.
The Skips then alternate the final five bowls.

Therefore the order of playing will be :-
1 Triple Lead
2 Pair Lead
3 Triple Lead
4 Pair Lead
5 Triple Lead
6 Paid Lead
7 Triple No 2
8 Pair Lead
9 Triple No 2
10 Pair Skip
11 Triple No 2
12 Pair Skip
13 Triple Skip
14 Pair Skip
15 Triple Skip
16 Pair Skip
17 Triple Skip