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Floodlight Competition - Day 3

04 Sep 2019

On Day 3, three of the unbeaten side lost, which will make day 4 very interesting. Leaving Saxons as the only unbeaten team. The 3 teams defeated were Thamesiders  by Sixes & Sevens. Stratton All Stars by Scorpians. Supermarine by Highworth. 

Going into the 4th evening when there are 7 teams fighting for the top 4 spots for Fridays semi-final. 
Saxons will be looking to go through as the top team providing the overcome Wanborough. It will be interesting to see if either of the home teams All Stars and Scorpians can make it through.  
In the Shot competition scoring a massive 29 shots Strattons Girls Allowed (59) have pulled themselves up to second behind Thamessiders (61). They play each other on day 4,so will this give Saxon or Sixes & Sevens the opportunity to the £100